His Majesty Amanita. M. V. Wisniewski
His Majesty Amanita. M. V. Wisniewski
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Product Name: His Majesty Amanita

Author: Mikhail Vishnevsky

Russian language

Cover (Cover): soft

Pages: 192 pp.

Format: 84 mm to 108 mm

Publisher: "Prospectus" Moscow

Year: 2019

Popular science publication.

A new book by the well-known mycologist-popularizer Michael Vishnevsky is dedicated to one of the most famous of our mushrooms - Amanita red. This fungus is "marked in myths and legends, in ancient, medieval and modern history in medicine, cooking."

On the whole territory of the European part of Russia Red fly agaric for many centuries has been traditionally used as a medicinal mushroom. Infusions and compresses this fungus helps the healing of wounds, bruises, rheumatism, gastric diseases, nervous system diseases, tumors glands, tuberculosis and other diseases weight. Biochemical experiments have shown that in the skin of red mushroom cap contains antibiotic agent muskarufin - flame-orange pigment, inhibiting the development of tumors. It possesses valuable therapeutic properties and pulp fungus. Even in the 16th century Paracelsus recommended red mushroom as a good remedy for diabetes and for the prevention of tuberculosis.

Of red toadstools healers and physicians qualified after and learned to make preparations for sufferers spasm of blood vessels, brain sclerosis, chronic angina and serious diseases such as chorea and epilepsy. These drugs have been and pharmacological tests, but in the official medicine is not anchored anywhere, because of the toxicity of the raw material.Meanwhile, preparations of mushroom and medicinal use legally in many countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Russia, Japan, New Zealand.

Very widely used red mushroom in homeopathy.

It is known that the fly agaric for healing primarily used precisely Slavs. It is interesting that in the old Russian healers fresh using only the lower part of the stalk still immature mushroom and the other part was dried and the powder was manufactured. There can be made parallel with the Mexican mescaline, peyote containing hallucinogenic cactus (Lophophora williamsii), the highest concentration of active alkaloids is concentrated just at the bottom of the stem and the upper part napiform root.

Outwardly amanitas generally take as an ointment or tincture and is used for treatment of wounds, ulcers, abscesses, burns and frostbite, external ulcers and cancerous tumors, skin disorders, including eczema. Also, ointments and tinctures help with pain in the muscles, bones and joints, lower back and the deposition of salts, in many eye diseases.

In folk medicine, if we used the fly agaric and inside, "from everything." This is a real panacea, has all the necessary universal healing properties, from bracing to cure all diseases and longevity gifts. For internal use is used for infusion of alcohol or vodka.

Amanita is used in folk medicine for more than 200 diseases.

The publication provides a variety of information: scientific and popular, useful for mushroom pickers and simply fascinating. Considered historical ( "shamanic mushroom") and the current use of the red mushroom, his attitude to the law, apply as a medicinal mushroom fungus, chemical and pharmacological aspects.

Table of contents:

from the author


Red fly agaric and his relatives

Amanita "eggs"

"Spiked" fly agaric

Amanita blushing and his relatives

Red fly agaric and other "real" fly agaric

Syndromes, causes red fly agaric and its active substances


Health care

Amanita and law



First meal

Main dishes

Bakery products


Toppings and stuffings



Extract of fly agaric

Drying fly agaric mushroom powder and cooking

Amanita Caesarea

Muhomorny alcohol

The traditional and conventional medicine




Muhomorny tea (toning tonic drink)

Amanita and other fungi in the mythology of the peoples of the world

Red fly agaric in the myths and culture of the peoples of Siberia

Mushroom, changing minds

General considerations

The classic use of fly agaric


Sources of information used

In Russian

In foreign languages

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Feedback His Majesty Amanita. M. V. Wisniewski
His Majesty Amanita. M. V. Wisniewski
His Majesty Amanita. M. V. Wisniewski
240 UAH
Photos His Majesty Amanita. M. V. Wisniewski
His Majesty Amanita. M. V. Wisniewski
His Majesty Amanita. M. V. Wisniewski
His Majesty Amanita. M. V. Wisniewski
240 UAH
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