Mushroom Trutovik powder 30 g

Mushroom Trutovik powder 30 g

Наведите курсор, чтобы увеличить

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Description Mushroom Trutovik powder 30 g

Trutovik   in medical practice and in the treatment of folk remedies widely used for the treatment of hepatitis, tumors, and certain pulmonary diseases. In addition, it restores the ability of the liver to the fat splitting enzymes and isolating the desired positive effect on metabolism. 
The good effect of exposure to the fungus Polypore also observed in the fight against obesity, as well as if you have problems with digestion.

Main effects:

  •  - Active reduces overweight, promoting development of liver enzymes that break down fats and carbohydrates; normalizes metabolism;
  • - Displays toxins and carcinogens;
  • - prevents radiation damage and reduce side effects during radio or chemotherapy;
  • - detoxifying postponed after helminthiasis, hepatitis, goiter, renal diseases;
  • - promotes regeneration of liver cells, cirrhosis stops, stops viral activity;
  • - Destroys pathogenic flora broncho - lung, biliary tract, liver;
  • - It acts as a mild laxative.

Ingredients: mushroom tinder larch - 100% 
Contraindications: Not recommended for pregnant and lactating women, children under 12 years.

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