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Fungotherapy (treatment with mushrooms) is the newest approach to the treatment of many serious diseases.
Our center offers you to evaluate the undoubted advantages of fungotherapy. This treatment of mushrooms, oncological diseases, alcoholism, as well as quick and effective weight loss and many other problems. We help those categories of patients who require long-term rehabilitation and the right direction of efforts for recovery, as well as to all who want to be healthy.

The fungotherapy method has been legalized and approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine as an effective independent method of treating many somatic diseases, as well as a method of preventive, complex, rehabilitation therapy for cancer patients.

We offer a comprehensive approach to the treatment of diseases. The main activity of the center of fungicotherapy of bioregulation and ayurveda is the prevention of diseases and the healing of them with the help of drugs from medicinal mushrooms. For these purposes, the fungus Veselka, shiitake, tinder larch, Reishi, meytake, chanterelles, rain cover and other mushrooms are used.

The great advantage of treating mushrooms is their naturalness and harmlessness to the body, as well as proven effectiveness. Antiparasitic drugs, weight loss systems for medicinal mushrooms, oncoprotectors are all natural products that people struggle with various diseases.

Abilities fungopreparatov really impressive - pronounced antimicrobial properties, the fight against malignant and benign formations. The use of natural, donated by the nature of oncoprotectors provides a chance for healing to a multitude of patients with oncological diseases.

The center of fungotherapy, Ayurveda and bioregulation has existed for over 15 years. Over the years, thousands of patients from various regions of Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Russia and foreign countries have received qualified help at the center. All of them were convinced that the treatment with mushrooms provides real positive results.

Our center is a nominee of the national project “Flagmans of modern medicine” and is awarded a medal and diploma of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

We can get advice from qualified physicians-fungorapists. In their long-term practice, they use the knowledge of the ancient healers of Ayurvedic medicine and an advanced approach to the treatment of diseases.

We are planning medical measures to prevent the recurrence of the disease, to restore impaired body functions. At the same time, not only various herbal remedies are prescribed, but also the lifestyle, diet, diet, and psycho-emotional state of the patient are adjusted. Such an integrated approach ensures a successful outcome.

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